Saturday, December 06, 2014

Suburb Demographics for Immigrants in Australia

The first thing that we do on surveying a suburb in Australia is we always look at it's demographics.

This website (i.e. Where Australia's Immigrants Were Born) is pretty cool that it basically list out the top 3 birthplaces for immigrants in all over the places in Australia.  I only came across this after I have decided to buy a property but nevertheless I think this is still useful for many of you especially if you plan to buy a property in Australia.

You can click on the different city and zoom in to the detail as you wish. It gives you an overview of who are the dominant in that area. Looking at Sydney as example, you can see that China and England dominate many places where city area is usually surrounded by Chinese.  Further away from city or near beaches are usually dominated by England based on my general observation.

Good luck in your survey!

P/S: The property that I bought is in Macquarie Park and it turns out Malaysia is listed as top 3. I don't aware of this at all when I purchase this. :D


Anonymous said...

Very good information! Thanks for sharing. :) Looks like Australia is full of immigrants.

ChampDog said...

Indeed yes, I think in fact the economy is backed by all these immigrants too. :)

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