Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hate Your Job but Quitting Is Not an Option

Do you hate your job? If you hate your job, but can't quit for financial or career-related reasons, here are some ways what you can do:

Identify What You Like and Don’t Like About Your Job
First thing what you can do is to list out all of the things that you like and don't like about your job. Write it down in a paper and most importantly is to be specific. If your boss is making you unhappy, you need to figure out exactly what it is that borders you about him or her.

“I hate my boss because he doesn’t coach me and expect me to finish the job by my own”

If a particular task in your job makes you happy, write it down on the paper.

“I love my job especially giving training to others and coaching others, I love coaching!”

Change What You Can To Fix It

After identifying what don’t’ like about your job, the second thing to look into is to identify what you can change to fix it.

For example if you're expecting your boss to coach you, try to see things from his or her perspective why he doesn’t want to coach you. Set 1-on-1 with him to figure out a solution for this. If he is busy, can he assign someone more senior people to coach you? There could be a lot of solutions to this, what important you need to focus is:

“change what you can change to fix it.” Focus the circle of influence in 7 habits.

Become Expert In The Task That You Like

If there are certain activities you really enjoy doing, try to become the resident expert so that you can specialize and do more of them. This is no kidding. If quit is not really an option for you, you have to find a task that really can motivate you which is the task that you enjoy most. The more energy you’re putting into this area, the more motivated you are. If the tasks that you like are probably 10% out of your total tasks, you need to figure out how to expand the 10% to 50%. Even to 50% is considered to be very good since you hate your job now. The ultimate goal that you want to achieve is:

“I’m paid to do what I love” Sounds great, huh?

You Need Strategy to Change to Your Dream Job

If you hate your job now, it is probably the job what you have now is not your dream job unless you no longer hate your job after you expand the 10% to 80%.Talk with people who are in the jobs to which you aspire. Find out what skills, training and experience you will need to make your next move. Then, use your time to fill in the gaps. You may also need to take classes and build network in your desired profession. Decorate your resume and when the opportunity arises, you’re ready for it.

“Opportunity is always given to the people who have done enough preparation.”

Hope this is something useful for those can't quit their current job for various of reasons.

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