Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Strategy to Retire Rich

2 solutions to become rich which are to earn more and to spend less. There are few options what you can do to earn more and to spend less. Check out the 2 solutions to retire rich post.

However, not all the options apply to me but some of them. Since I want to retire early (my ultimate goal), retire later is not an option for me. Also, I want to have a better life, I want laptop! Therefore reducing my expenses for only my needs are not my option. As long as I just don't over spend for pursuing my better life, it should be fine. So, I only left few options, which are build second income, start saving today and move to a cheaper place. In order to do all these especially to move to a cheaper place. I need a strategy.

So my strategy is, I will continue to save my earnings, increase my second income earnings and finally move to a cheaper place. In order for me to move to a cheaper place, I need a different skill set. I want to expand my expertise or skill. So, my next move is to build my second expertise and use that skill to generate my second income. My ultimate goal is to increase my second income as much as my primary income now using this new expertise. It is a very stretch goal in fact. With this new set of skills, I can also move to the cheaper place or any other place which requires my new expertise. Sounds great?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by.
Good tips to be followed

SheR. said...

Great insight! I will set my goal today! Hee

ChampDog said...

That's great. Talk is always easy than action. :) That's my hardest thing to fight so far. What is your goal? Recently, I'm little pissed off after found out a site "copy exactly" my content in his site. Kind of wasting energy to settle this kind of stuff. :(

Anonymous said...

I think you have a very simple strategy for your plan. This is the way to make a strategy. Always keep it simple and easy to follow. At least our mind will think it is easy and let us take action easily too. Anyway good luck to you

ChampDog said...

Yes, I like to keep things simple. Thank you.

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