Saturday, May 15, 2010

Keep Your Broadband Receipts for Malaysian Tax Relief

This blog post is just to remind all of you (i.e. Malaysian only) to keep your broadband receipts (e.g. Streamyx, Maxis, P1-Wimax, PenangFON, and etc.) for tax relief starting from this year - 2010. This is based on one of the items (which I find them most useful) in 2010 Malaysia budget announcement.

Since this is new thing, I think many of you may still do NOT aware of this yet or may have just forgotten that you can claim up to RM500 for tax relief for 3 years - starting from 2010 to 2012.

What else receipts you should keep? Well, you probably have known already such as medical, sports, and book/magazine receipts. See my previous post for the summary: Tax Savings Tips for Malaysian.

By the way:
  • Do you know you can have tax relief for buying a house too? Of course there are some conditions and the offer is until the end of this year, 2010.  However, it doesn't mean you must go for it which I discussed in my previous post - Tax Deduction for Property Purchase
  • Do you know 60% of your premium of critical illness life insurance can have tax relief under the medical insurance policy? Of course for life insurance policy you can claim up to 100%. Many people do not aware this and for more detail, you can read my previous post - Tax Relief Tips for 36 Critical Illness Insurance.


Jayce said...

Too bad. It is not for 2009 assessment. :(

ChampDog said...

Yes. I thought it was included too. I actually forgot about this until I filed the tax in April. So, now I'm reminding myself to keep the receipts for next year filling. :)

kampunginvestor said...

Lolx... Hard luck guys.. I no need pay tax currently cause my salary is too low for that.. ^^

ChampDog said...

Are you kidding? Your investment skill is too smart that until you don't need to pay a single tax at all? This is really cool.

Tax Planner CPA said...

I thing its a joke. i can't believe this.

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