Monday, July 05, 2010

Different Experiences for My Trip in China

This is not a financial article but a pretty standard in my blog which I talk about my travel experiences. This is my second trip to China and my first trip to China is probably 5 years ago. Some of these experiences maybe sensitive to some of you but this is only for sharing purpose. You may experience a different thing if you have visited China. Let's see what is my take away from this trip...

Wasting Food to Show Off

I think this is typical a Chinese culture especially when someone is paying for the food. During the trip, I really saw a lot of this kind cases. They order a lot of food and purposely not to eat them for the purpose of showing off (for the one who pay the bill) or giving respect (i.e. give face in Chinese) to the one who pay the bill. For example, 5 people order 15 dishes and they consume less than 10% of the food. I'm surprised with this and they don't take away to food after that. I think this defeats the purpose of the culture and simply misused it. Do you agree?

Cheap, Cheap, Cheap ...

Shanghai and probably Beijing (I guess only) is the most expensive places you can find in China. If you know how to find the loophole, you can find cheap stuff in Shanghai and Beijing too. Food is large portion and cheap. What I really enjoy is eating the seafood in Dalian and Dandong. It is really so cheap to eat a seafood like fresh abalone. You can't even find fresh abalone in Malaysia. Other stuff is also very cheap but that is only applicable to local stuff (made in China). Of course if you buy imported stuff, it will be more expensive than in Malaysia. Converting to RM is divided by 2 and to Europe currency is divided by 10!!! (maybe 8 or 9 now). So if you're business man, you will know what to do...

Eating Dog Meat is Legal

Yes, eating dog's meat is legal in China and I see a lot of restaurant selling that. However eating bird's meat is illegal in China. I'm not sure how true this is and I heard from my driver. Perhaps China is lacking of birds and too many dogs? True?

Wearing Helmet is Not Required

At least in Malaysia, wearing helmet is required for those motorbike driver. That is for safety purpose. In China and from what I see, the way they drive the motorbike is a lot more dangerous than in Malaysia and why don't they need to wear helmet? Is that because their skills are really good? How about the accident rate?

Order Food Style is Different

In Malaysia or other countries that I have visited, the waiter will usually give you sometime to think about what you want to order after giving you the food menu. In most of the restaurants that I had visited in China, the waiter will just stand there and wait for you to order after they give you the menu. I usually tell them that I will call them when I'm ready to order. Is that their culture or because they want to be fast?

Security Check at Metro?

Weird thing is, security check is at all metro station entrance. It is similar to the security check that you go through the airport. They will scan through all your luggage and hand bag as well.  I guess the reason they're doing that is to prevent people from bombing the train? Is that really preventable? I've no idea and I just feel that really troublesome to go through it every time...

No Facebook, No Youtube, No Blogger!!!

No wonder my blog has no China visitor because it has been blocked. I can't blog too in China :( and Facebook and Youtube are blocked too. The only way to bypass this in China is go through "Paid VPN" because most "Free VPN" has been blocked too. Perhaps China Government treats all their citizen like kids and not allow them to watch pornography online. The question is, when the kids will grow up? Is that a good thing to do?

 P/S: Now if you've visited China before, do you experience the same things I do?


Alvin said...

you forgot about the cab driver :P ruthless! and ambulances in china don get any respect -_-

ChampDog said...

Hi Alvin, how are you?

No that I forgot, I don't have a chance to call cab. We have a driver in Dalian under company. As for other places in China, we usually take buses and metro train.

alantanblog said...

You also forget about the stall seller

ChampDog said...

Hahaha... what so special about them?

kampunginvestor said...

Chinese is well known for showing off and waste food. That's for sure. If you always realize, the last piece of whatever food on the table, usually nobody will want to take it. Reason? Shy!

Dog meat? YiakS!!

No facebook, No Youtube and no Blogger? That sucks too..

Anyway i have not been to China before but i would love to go there very soon.

Thanks for sharing your experience there. Dog meat? Nay..!

ChampDog said...

Yes, that is the typical Chinese culture. I thought we usually left 10% of the food. During my last trip, they left 90% of the food. I think that is too much...

I'm going there very soon too. A free company trip for personal. Hehehe... Ya, I think you should go. If possible try not to follow the tour. :)

Jayce said...

1 thing that I remember most ~ social networking websites are not working. I need to use proxy server to browse them. ^_^"

But Internet connection speed is VERY FAST compare to Malaysia.

ChampDog said...

Yes, most free proxies are blocked too and you need to use the paid VPN.

For me, I experience a different thing. It is still slow except those China's websites.

What I really experienced the super fast internet connection is in Ireland.

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