Monday, April 11, 2011

Bursa Malaysia KL Stock Portfolio System

This morning I was looking an alternative ways to track my MYR stocks than my conventional excel spreadsheet and I found the “MY PORTFOLIOS” in the  So, what you need to do is:

  1. Go to “”.
  2. Login with your Yahoo account.
  3. Click “MY PORTFOLIOS” tab –> Select “Create Portfolio”.
  4. Choose “Track your transaction history”
  5. Follow the rest on the on-screen instructions to setup all you stock transactions.
You will see something like below to track your current positions and all the transactions:



Well, there are few problems I don’t like about this Stock Portfolio feature from Finance Yahoo:
  1. The Symbol doesn’t display the counter name (e.g. displaying GENTING instead of 3182.KL).
  2. There is no currency for MYR. This is really suck.
  3. It doesn’t show how much your earning from you sell transaction. Huh?

Let's Try KLStock.Com

So, I searched around again and I found It seems so far the best to suit my needs to replace my conventional stock tracking and monitoring with my excel spreadsheet.

[Update: Jan 17 2013] Apparently this website is no longer available and down. Thus, I"m removing the link.
  1. Register an account with “”
  2. Go to “portfolio” tab and key-in all your stock transactions
  3. For selling, you need to key-in your purchase transactions first. After that, click on the “sell” in the action column to key-in your sell transaction.

Portfolio View

P&L History

Well, this website seems like a new website and I hope they will continue to make improvements to this website especially on the stock portfolio feature. One immediate enhancement I would request is to add the "commission charges” for both sell & buy transactions. Currently there is no way you can track it…

Overall, I have no complaints and you do a better job than “Finance Yahoo”. Please keep up the good work!

P/S: Feel free to suggest if you have better way to monitor or track your stock portfolio specifically for Malaysian stocks.


Alvin Lim said...

i'm using rhbinvest lo :P so glad my company has yet to block it. hahaha

ChampDog said...

Do you need to be RHB Investment Bank Bhd Client? It seems like it needed.

Why? Most companies ban stock website?

Btw, both Yahoo stock portfolio and KL stock portfolio do not allow you to publish to your blog and website.

Not critical but kind of cool to share your stock portfolio to everyone...

kampunginvestor said...

All those investment houses will have such portfolio system but we need to be a subscriber of their company before they can let us use such facility.

My RHBInvest account was open for free. :) So i get to enjoy the facility and also the stock portfolio thingy..

Nonetheless, if you are really interested in stock market, all these small money shouldn't be a problem. :)

Just my 2 cents!

ChampDog said...

I'm using PB sharelink and it looks they don't offer this. :D Perhaps can suggest to them. Honestly I think this kind of service should be free. If not, I don't mind doing the old fashion way...

Kris said...


There is alot of trading platform that offer this kind of services for free. Some are pretty advanced too.

Now, you said it..seriously it seems that PB always stuck in the past in terms of IT system. (china men business mentality??) Their online mutual fund system really not up to par.

ChampDog said...

Share me the link only if it is really free one. :):)

faralittlebride said...

I'm conducting a research entitle Implication of Market Efficiency towards investors’ performance on portfolio of Bursa Malaysia.
do u have any idea on what to be emphasized as the data variables?

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