Sunday, May 29, 2011

Check Your EPF(KWSP) Nominations of Beneficiary

If you do not know what EPF or KWSP is, you can safely ignore this post...

Around few years back in 2007 I think, it had been rumours saying that EPF(KWSP) may screw up your nominations when they upgraded their system to the new one. A friend of mine also told me that recently he went to check and found out that his nominations are no longer there. What a crap?

So, I made up my mind to go and check last week. Fortunately, all my nominations of beneficiary were there. BUT, today I look at it carefully again, I notice one of my nominations I/C number is incorrect.  What a crap again? Guess I have to go back to EPF office gain to correct it. :(

This is what you need to do to apply for checking your EPF nominations:

  1. Go to the KWSP/EPF office, tell them you want to check for your EPF nominations. They will give you a form.
  2. After you fill up the form, go to the queue up again and they will give you a number.
  3. Wait for your number, after that they will print out all your EPF nominations for you.

Good luck to you! or else you need to go to the EFP/KWSP office to correct it again like me. You know what, even all your nominations are correct, I suggest you to check again perhaps after 2 years.

P/S: But, I feel like kind of stupid to check this in every 2 years. Is that necessary? Why can’t they do a better job? Some say they do it in purpose, what do you think?


Mt. said...

the good part to do it every year is that you know its your duty to keep it updated. I may want to nominate you this year but next year I may have a new girlfriend :)

ChampDog said...

Hahaha, good idea!!!

Alvin Lim said...

yeah man, its important to go there n check from time to time. i went there to chk b4 and it was wrong, so i changed. but i cannot see the change immediately since the place to update the sys is another side of the office. i need to queue up n wait for 1 - 2 hours more. =_= palia

ChampDog said...

Can't believe yours one was wrong too. Looks like the chances of getting wrong is very high! Oh, the other side of the office?

I thought it should be the same office. 1 to 2 hours? When did you do this? I'm not sure how long it takes to change in the system. If it is now computerized, I expect should be immediately.

I realize that the EPF office improve a lot in their efficiency recently as compared to few years back. Now they have EPF Kiosk machine and the improved queue system like an immigration office. I only wait for like about 15+ minutes.

Sabahan Bloggers Club said...

Hi Alvin.
Mine is missing. Need to go to their office and do it all over again. ["~]
Wish they already start the online beneficiary.

ChampDog said...

That will be good if there is an online beneficiary. They have a plan to do that? Cool...

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