Monday, August 20, 2012

Useless Features Review on Samsung Galaxy S3

This is not really a personal finance blog post but more on a product review which I haven't done for quite some time. I'm going to share with you my review (from user and practical perspective) on the Samsung Galaxy S3 that I bought lately. You may continue to read on you're interested...

Somehow not many people talk about  the negative side of this, so I will just start with this useless features review on Samsung Galaxy S3. Of course, this is merely from my perspective.

Useless Features
  •  S Voice is completely useless. It seems cool, but I don't think it is effective for me to instruct my phone by voice as compare to conventional way. I can do it a lot more faster than not using the voice. Also, it is not practical in most of the time.
  • Pre-installed softwares cannot be uninstalled and the only thing you can do is to disable them so that they won't run in startup. For example ChatON is a useless software by Samsung where now everyone uses WhatsApp.  You can't basically uninstalled them unless you root your device.
  • Motion activation  is another cool but useless or less practical feature in my opinion. Well, the most useful motion feature is probably the "Turn over to mute/pause". if you really want to use it. The rest motion features are merely for showing off purpose.
  • Multiple burst shot is cool but I think if you can capture with single shot, the picture quality is better. Unless, you really want to capture a keep moving object, then probaly the burst mode is good.
  • Face detection to unlock screen is yet another cool but useless feature. It makes me unlock the screen slower. Guess it is another feature to show off!

What are the useful features? All the features that you can find out from web except with those that I mentioned above are useful enough. For example, the "Smart Stay" feature is pretty cool and also useful. It is very practical too!

Buy or Not Buy?

Overall, it is a good buy for me because it helps my life getting effective. Perhaps I have been outdated for too long with my windows mobile in HTC but if you really have cost concern, you should consider buying low-end Samsung smart phone which I think it serves an almost similar features. Good luck!


LCF Personal Finance said...

I'd say it's like buying an optical drive or a camera back in the days - the software bundle is actually not that useful :).

ChampDog said...

It depends how practical is those software. One day, I believe those cool feature will become practical. Now, some still have certain gaps.

However, I'm pretty impress with the smart stay feature where the front camera able to detect your eyes so it won't go into sleep mode especially when you're reading an article from web. :)

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