Friday, August 31, 2012

Tips to Cure Fatty Liver and Cholesterol Problems

While having a conversation with @knowthymoney in twitter, it triggers me to talk about my health condition since about 9 months ago where I've been diagnosed with Fatty Liver and Cholesterol problems - check out my previous post: Forgotten Health Formula, Have You?

After ~9 months, my medical report shows good progress.

Not fully fixed, but now at least at the border line. LDL and HDL cholesterol are at border line but at least overall the total cholesterol has be fixed. For liver, at least SGOT(AST), and SGPT (ALT) are no longer an issue and leave only the GGT which is at border line (used to be 2.5X from the maximum range). :D Still have ways to go, wish me luck!

Here you go the tips that how do I improve my fatty liver and cholesterol conditions. I hope you may find it useful.

What did I do?

  • Eat Lipitor medicine -  Although I don't like medicine because I always think there is a long term side effect but it is a quickest way to solve this problem. So, I decided to take it. I took 20 mg Lipitor for the first 3 months everyday and I redo my medical report after 3 months. It is very effective and shows good result, and I continue to eat for another 3 months but not everyday this round but once every other day. After 6 months, I stop completely after medical reports shows good cholesterol result.
  • Exercise at least 3 days in a week - The exercise must be at least 30 minutes and non-stop or else it will be useless. Your whole body must be sweat, it will then only useful. I play badminton twice a week, climb hill once as week and swim on Saturday and Sunday. Lately, read few articles stated the best time to exercise is at late afternoon but I think that is doesn't really matter as long as you find yourself comfortable.
  • Eat Fish Oil Supplement - Fish oil is essential to our body because our liver cannot generate  the Omega-3 oil. To choose a good brand of fish oil, choose the one that have the highest % of total Omega-3 fatty acids (i.e. the sum of EPA and DHA). You will need to do the math by dividing the Omega-3 fat acids volume (in mg usually) by the total capsule volume (in mg as well). The one that I"m having is 55% which is pretty high, the higher, the better. Of course, it will be more expensive. You also need to choose the one with "Molecularity Distilled" so that the fish oil will be free from mercury toxic.
  •  Consume Olive Oil Directly - I consume 1 tablespoon of olive oil in the morning after I wake up. After that, it is better to wait for ~ 30 minutes before you start taking your breakfast. To choose a good olive oil brand, pick the one with "Extra Virgin" and also "Cold Press" and preferable those that used for salad topping rather than for cooking.
  • Eat Healthy and 70% Full - Eat healthy basically means eat less meat and less oily stuff. Cook yourself if possible because outside food is usually not healthy. Thus, I try to cook myself for dinner these days too whenever is possible. No fancy stuff, usually just cook porridge, soup with a lot of vegetables. Try to eat a much as different kind of fruits as well. Also, I used to eat until 100% full and now I"m trying to be not eat until that full. At first, it is hard but now is kind of get used to it already.
  • Eat Milk Thistle Supplement - After I stop my "Lipitor" medicine, I replaced it with Milk Thistle supplement which is traditionally used as a liver tonic which helps to cure the fatty liver. I plan to consume this for 6 months and then see the result. Now is the the third month, where the progress showing good even without the medicine. Hopefully 3 months later, all my liver medical report will be back to normal, then I will stop this. 
  • Sleep Early Before 11 PM - I used to do not believe that the liver's health has nothing to do with sleeping early until I read few articles to prove me wrong. You can do your own research and many papers talk about it. Basically, the liver starts to detox your body around 11 pm when you sleep. If you do not sleep, it won't start. Thus, the toxic will slowly accumulate in your body. So, have a good habit to sleep early and wake up early too. You will feel a lot more energetic!
  • Drink Plenty of Water - Especially at work, I seldom drink because of full concentration at work. I think this is not good. I slowly change my habit now to drink every one hour in the office. If you do not drink enough water, your kidney does not able to do its job to detox and it leaves that job to your liver. This increases your liver loads which we all want to avoid. In short, drinking a lot of water helps your liver do the detox job easier.
  • Shit Everyday in Morning - Sound funny but it is true. Shit accumulated in your intestine creates toxic to your body which eventually bad for your liver. Ultimately, you should shit at least 3 times per day but I think that is too many already. So I just changed my habit to shit every morning after I wake up. Don't accumulate your shit more than a day... lol :)
I hope this is something useful. It works for me, that's why I want to share this. Whenever we talk about health, lifestyle is important element. I think nowadays, too many of us having the wrong lifestyle. Just reminder that health is part of the wealth equation:

Wealth = Money + Health + Relationship 

Ultimately, I want to tune my body until I don't even need to eat supplements at all because I think that it suppose to be. Wish me luck and I wish you healthy always!


OCR said...

I think when i get my health screen result, ill need to follow your regime. I'm guilty og not following almost all ofwhich you have pointed out!

ChampDog said...

How you know? Who knows the result turns out to be good one! :)

Mt. said...

shit at night could be better. shit 3 times a day also great.

ChampDog said...

Yes, theoretically shit before sleep is good so that the detox can start more effective during your sleep. :)

Somehow just can't able to build this habit to shit at night before sleep!

Btw, not easy to shit 3 times a day!

Alvin said...

for cholesterol, exercise regularly and take oats. these 2 really really help, as proven by many of my friends and family members (and myself).

as for fatty liver, cut alcohol. thats the best bet.

ChampDog said...

Yes, oats almost forget that! I eat that too in morning but not everyday. Maybe I should make it habit too. Strictly speaking (IMO), the best way is exercise for reducing cholesterol.

For fatty liver, it depends on the root cause. Mine one is Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD),which is due to eating habit, so should cut non-healthy. Still, doing exercise is the best. IMO.

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