Friday, September 07, 2012

Top EPF Performance Funds from Public Mutual

Just got this information from my public mutual fund agent, and I think is a good thing to share here.

This is 3-years trend for Public Mutual Funds that allowed for EPF withdrawal for investment. Click on it if you can't see it clearly.

Top EPF Performance Funds from Public Mutual
  • Public Focus Select Fund (PFSF) ~65%
  • Public Regular Savings Fund (PRSF) ~60%
  • Public Islamic Select Enterprises Fund (PISEF) ~55%
  • Public Dividend Select Fund (PDSF) ~40%
  • Public Islamic Dividend Fund (PIDF) ~40%
  • Public Islamic Equity Fund (PIEF) ~30%
  • Public Growth Fund (PGF) ~20%
  • Public Equity Fund (PEF) ~20%

Whenever we look at these numbers (e.g. 65%), don't be fooled by it because of the powerful compound interest. Yes 65% return is really not that bad but we need to translate it to annual return which is around 18%. For 3 years of 40% return, it is around 12% return in annual. For 30% is 9%. For 20% is just  6%.  So PGF, PEF and PIEF  are not really performing in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Should I withdraw my EPF for mutual funds?

LCF on Personal Finance said...

Yea, CAGR. They never explain this in the brochure. That's where due diligence comes in :)

ChampDog said...

@Anonymous, the return for EPF is 6% and if you think the return of mutual funds can be higher,then you can go for that. But EPF return is pretty safe and stable.

I have another perspective which my agent told me is people lost trust in EPF. They think EPF will bankrupt due to certain maybe political reasons. If you think similarly, maybe you can consider the withdrawal too.

@LCF, after they explained already, the number is no longer that interesting. lol! Same to insurance all those stuff.

Kris said...

Yeah, the way it is explained makes the unit trust seems sure profitable. But in fact, you need to take into account the annual return.

I have a better solution for EPF monies for 1st house only and 1st time withdrawal, take them out and put then into flexi loan. So that next time can roll the money :)

ChampDog said...

Having said so, it still profitable. It is just need consider that as annual return as you mentioned.

Yes, you can take out the money to do whatever you want. Putting it into the flexi loan sounds great. Maybe can consider to invest too since usually the first two years of loan interest is lower.

farmland investment said...

It looks like the dividend fund is the best bet?

ChampDog said...

Why not focus select fund? I'm just wondering, because of already went up too high?

Inthiran said...

Ideal way of investing in unit trust is long least a minimum of 5 years...assuming you only withdraw account 1 of EPF at the age of 55...You have so much of time based on your age... You make a great deal...Think about it...Interested ...pls sms / call me at 012-6747256

ChampDog said...

Yes, I agree. Mutual fund is always meant for long term investment strategy.

Mutual Fund Performance said...

Mutual funds investment requires clear information to get better returns. They are usually beneficial in the long run. Also one need to get clear information about the plan we are opting to avoid the confusion.

Best Mutual Funds To Buy said...

Its the best investment strategy for the long run.

Unknown said...

My last year investment in Public Dividen SF is losing money as clarified by the agent. Even though with declared dividen. It is not all rosy for fund investment

ChampDog said...

How long have you been investing in that fund and what is your strategy (e.g. do you invest one fixed amount in every month)? Sometimes if the fund is not good, you can switch to different fund or just sell it wait until it is break-even.

Maveric said...

My experience in epf unit trust; I jumped into it when this scheme was launched.The investment made was losing money ...exited after 5 years,break-even at best when market went up during Dr M/Badawi premiership changed.

Learning points ;
-Know the fund you are buying into. The fund managers are supposed to be experts. However,when the annual report comes around, you doubt their expertise in the counters procured & an invester has no say in this!
-The different costs!.. admin,3th party trust,OH & what not's..klse may moved up 20 points for that day but the fund movement is negligible as the counters in the fund portfolio did not move up.
-Investors entry/exit(total fund size) is so important. All costs are growing yearly & if the fund is shrinking, its performance will be adversely affected ( like now )as the fund management team various cost still need to be paid & a invester has no say in this !

I am wiser from the experience & the lost was no devident for a certain invested amount from my epf account for 5 years.

By beginning of Feb,2016, epf will declare the 2015 devident. I hope the quantum is like the last 2 years...confident as epf may want to retain as much fund as possible in the present political & economic circumstances & want to keep retiree like me.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to CD & Kris..Rgds & cheers /Maveric

ChampDog said...

Hey, happy new year to you too! Such a coincident, someone just posted a question to you here:

Best Mutual Funds said...

Nice information on mutual funds investment!!

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