Friday, September 14, 2012

Salary, Job, Interview and Employee Reviews by GlassDoor

I just found out this cool website (i.e. recommended by my colleague when he wanted to show me how bad our employees review our companies.

All these information in the website are entered by the employees, so I think the information there is pretty accurate. You will need to login with your facebook account to continue to view more detailed information.

What I usually do is search for the company and dig out more information from there such as salaries, jobs, interviews tips and their employees review on the company.

What you can get from GlassDoor?

  • Salary Reviews - You can see the salary range by job title. Once you know it, then you will know whether you're under paid or over paid. It depends on the company, some are divided by job grade which I think it provides more meaningful data than the job title.  One lacking is this Salary data outside of US is very limited.
  • Employee Reviews - This is the most interesting stuff because you see funny comments here. But I think what we can get out from this look at the overall company rating distributions and also other ratings on work life balance, compensations and etc. You can then compare the ratings with other companies. 

  • Interview Reviews - This is useful especially you're looking for a job. You can see the example of interview questions that shared by those interviewees who attended the interview at that company. It is always good to have a high-level sense of what is expected during the interview. It even goes to down to the detail of which position they're applying to. 
  • Jobs Availability - You can look at all the open positions in a company. It links to the company recruitment website and you can start your application there.
  • Top Companies Statistic - In terms of "Best Place to Work", "Work Life Balance", "Career Opportunities" and so on.

This website also wins the "Webby Award" for "Best Employment Website in 2012". Hope you will find it useful for researching a company. Good luck! Wish you work at one of the best companies out there! :)


Kris said...

I heard of this website before. A lot of them are US data, so not so applicable here in Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. =)

ChampDog said...

For the employee reviews, there are quite number of them from bolehland. :)

ChampDog said...

Received this "Time's almost up, contribute a review or salary" from them today, guess you need to contribute to continue to have full access review. :)

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