Friday, September 28, 2012

Secret to Get Rich Quick and Fast

When you see the title of this blog post, the first thing that comes to your mind is direct selling or multilevel marketing (MLM) because this is what they usually promote or maybe the one who join them usually have the intention of "Get Rich Quick and Fast"? But this is not what I want to share with you.

What I"m going to share with you is the "real secret" to get rich quick and fast and you do not need to join anything. If you can do it, no matter what industry that you are in or your profession is, you will be RICH very quickly! So the secret is...

To Find Out What People Are Going to Want Before They Even Know They Want It

This reminds of in one of the Steve Jobs Interviews and he basically said that he doesn't follow the transitional way of how marketing team does which market survey is done prior to product roll out. So, he didn't do any market survey when they roll out the first iPhone because the market simply doesn't know what they really want. Thus, he needs to tell what the market wants instead. Apple is a good example and now Samsung is catching up. :)

You may think this is for business but in fact it really applies to anywhere.  For example, if you're employee, how can you get promoted fast? Of course, I assume promotion here is directly correlated with money. Same thing, you no longer can just do what your boss tells you to do. What you really need to do is to figure out things that he doesn't know that he even wants it badly. Then, you will get promoted very soon.

3 Steps to Get Rich Quick
  1. Figure out what people want in future even they do NOT realize about it now.
  2. Produce and get it for them.
  3. Influence them that they want it NOW.

I know this is simple and generic but let's think of it. These 3 steps are really what those people do to get them rich very quickly, don't you think so? So let's start from today, no matter what is your occupation, think of how to apply the 3 steps above into your day-to-day jobs.

Wish you can get rich quick and fast! 


Alvin Lim said...

Hmm this is easier said than done. Some of us might end up spending too much time thinking about this than to actually do something (like performing better in our job).

So my opinion is not to force this. You can give some thoughts, but try not to spend too much efforts and money. Instead, go out and do more stuff. Don't trap in the never-ending loop of "brainstorming".

ChampDog said...

Ya, this should not be only brainstorming and it needs to put into actions too.

I think the key thing here is having the right mindset if you want to be successful. Not many people even aware of this right mindset.

For example, you work hard, doesn't mean you will get the result or it simply doesn't tally on the effort that you put in.

If you stuck step 1 (as probably what Alvin mean here) in the never-ending loop of brainstorming, I suggest you not to think something so big first. Start with the small one and achievable. You will feel the difference.

LCF on Personal Finance said...

Jobs is perhaps one rare visionary that bet on iPhone and succeeded. I am guessing there are a lot of people who failed because they don't understand what the market wants. I think he failed quite a number of times anyway before the success of i-series. Macintosh wasn't such a hit with us 10 years ago :)

I did actually read the official biography book by Walter Issacson, on Steve. He did quoted Henry Ford, I recall, saying something of this line - If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.


ChampDog said...

My view is he failed because he is weak in execution. In my opinion again, his strength is always on innovation and it always fails to execute and continue to sustain the business (and dominate the market) after he came out something cool.

The only one thing Apple can survive is keep innovating. If the innovation stops, their business stops. The ultimate good business model (in my opinion), you do not need to always innovate all the time in order to survive. Microsoft is a very good example.

Mt. said...

well done bro, 2 thumbs up for this article. Except i don't think Steve has brought an idea 'before' the market needs it.

LCF on Personal Finance said...

I agree Champ, and even as we speak, I think Apple is going downhill from here. I mean, if they can keep innovating when Jobs is gone, then they would not be so nervous about Samsung following them from behind. Instead they can taunt Samsung/Android - Catch Me if you can!

ChampDog said...

Thanks Mike. Maybe you're right he is not the first one to do that.

@LCF, yes let see how the next move is. They're now suing each other everyday! :)

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