Friday, October 05, 2012

My Experiences of Making Money In Blog

I came into blogging in 2006 when a friend of mine introduced this to me as the fastest way to get rich. What I have been told at that time is you can earn around US$ 3K per month for a normal not very famous blog. So, US$ 3K is equivalent to RM 9K, then isn't that  I can stop my current full time job? So I gave it a try...

Unfortunately, this is not what I made for the past few years. In monthly average, my blog income is around US$ 120. So convert it to Malaysia currency is RM 360. So it is not a very successful case.  It is even lower than my investment return and way below my main source of income. Okay, the only excuse that I can give to myself is, I'm just doing it part time. But to be honest, even I can do it full time, I don't think I can achieve US$ 3K in a month. Perhaps I also failed to achieve the 3 steps that I mentioned in my previous post - secret to get rich quick and fast. That's why is ashamed when @lieucf said wanted to interview me. :) Perhaps also this is due to I don't really focus on making money at the first place, see my main priority in blogging below.

Here are some tips or my experiences that you may find it useful for blogging:

Tips and Experiences To Share in Blogging

  • My main priority is NOT making money in blog. My main priority is for my own reflection. I write is because I want to reflect. Secondly, I hope I can share my reflections to the rest and get feedback from all of you. So this probably keeps me blogging until today which is a good thing because I've seen many blogs cannot sustain more than 2 years.
  • Choose a simple domain name. One mistake that I made is the URL of this blog started with "FinancialIndependent". The name just too long. So if you want to start a blog, I suggest you think of a short name (as short as possible), try to have name that doesn't not have more than 3 sounds. For example, "ChampDog" is a pretty good name and easy to be remember, I think. :) 
  • Using blogspot is cool and I have no regret. But I know people said if you want to be professional, you need to have your own domain. For me, I think it depends on what you want to do. If it is mainly for blogging, I think that's fine for blogspot because what people is really interested is your ideas. In fact blogspot makes my life easier, and I just need to focus on what I need to blog. However, for setting up a company or selling certain products, I will think it is better to have your own domain.
  • Adsense is the main source of my blog income which contributes to 80%. Given the fact that I'm not a very successful case of making money in blogging, I can't give much comment here. Perhaps, you can share with me and give me some tips how you can earn like crazy in blogging? 
  • Blog frequently and consistently. For example, if you have decided to publish a post a very week, try to publish your post every week rather sometime few days and some other time more than a week. Just try to be consistent because it allows the Google search engine roughly to know when your website will be updated and it crawls accordingly. Lately, I have been using scheduled post which I find it very useful to force myself to blog consistently. Hopefully this can sustain.
  • I have never done paid post or paid review unless they allow me to write independently which means I can write bad reviews too if I think it is bad. But I don't think they allow me to do that. In short, I think paid post is not honest and defeat of my blogging purpose. Perhaps this makes me cannot earn in blogging?
  • Started guess post and having the guest post guideline too but don't think this is going good anywhere. Most authors who write guest post seem like only interested in one thing which is "link building" but what I"m looking for is "interaction" with them. Perhaps, I should just consider to stop having this guest post open in this blog anymore.

In short, can blogging really make a lot of money? At least it is NO to me. Money that I get from my blog can't able to feed me at all. Do you have anything to share or any advice for me?


LCF on Personal Finance said...

Hey Champ, 120 bucks a month not bad at all, considering it's totally passive and you don't update much often weekly.
Oh, and I just got a message from Google banning my Adsense, out of the blue. WTF right?
Anyway, perhaps I should drop you a guest post right now. What say you?

ChampDog said...

Ya, it depends who you compare to I guess. :) Somehow there is an impression blogging can earn a lot but I don't think is my case.

Do you know who is the first full time blogger in Malaysia? He has same time with you, also called LCF. For instant, if compare to him I war not doing good at all.

It is sad to hear that your Adsense is being banned. Any idea why? Can it be unbanned somehow? Hopefully you will able get back your Adsense soon.

No need to say, your guest post is always welcome!!!

Kris said...

USD120 is not bad, consider you blog part-time.

LCF, you might want to contact Google to see why you got banned.

Alvin Lim said...

My blogs (before they went dead) did not even generate USD 10 per month. :P That's why I decided not to include any Adsense after I revived them. :) Just treat it as my contribution to the society.

ChampDog said...

Yes, hopefully can grow until it is enough for my retirement! For LCF, probably due to your pop-up page at the your front page?

@Alvin, starting is usually small the amount and it grows slowly. I think mine grows until end of last year and now the earning is at declining stage probably due to the bad economy situation. I've no idea. :)

Mt. said...

marketing is a full subject itself, you needed both financial independent + champdog as your brand today. without the long words, Chamdog would just be another guy with a weird name.

the main factor here is timeline. u did 10% of what liewcf did but did not achieve 10% of his return because he started doing those stuff 8 years before you.

what was needed to be successful 10 years ago is NOT what was needed today. we can always learn from the best but we will never be one until

ChampDog said...

Thanks for your advice. Still think that anything short, it is better even though it has nothing to do with what we blog about. But I don't think I will make the changes to this blog name already.

Yes, probably marketing is more important than timeline here in my opinion. Still, if I want to prioritize, I will say the content is the highest priority.

Nice one on your last sentence and I agree with that.

ChampDog said...

I think namewee is pretty good in marketing and of course he has good stuff too. :)

Alvin Lim said...

mmm i think i started blogging very very early too. like...6-8 years ago? just my marketing sux. and personal blog really don't earn much. finance blog, yes. My old Novice blog was earning more than my main blog.

ChampDog said...

Yes, you have a point. Starting very very early may have some advantages when not many players out there.

Do you still have that Novice blog? I thought it is no longer there already? Why don't continue with it since it is making more than personal blog?

CK TAN said...

this is passiave income, I wish I can do like that too.

blogging is more to share knowledge in the same interest lo, but at the same time oklah if got earn some. be thankful

ChampDog said...

Not really a passive income because if you stop blogging especially for a long period of time, the income will drop dramatically. You need to continue making sure the blog is updated frequently.

ukash said...

My blogs (before they went dead) did not even generate USD 10 per month. :P That's why I decided not to include any Adsense after I revived them. :) Just treat it as my contribution to the society.

ChampDog said...

Yes, it takes time for Adsense earning to grow. I assume it should be proportional to the number of visitors of your blog. Too bad, my Adsense's earning has been stuck for very long time. :)

Writing for the intention of contribute to society is the good motivation to keep on blogging. This is what I"m currently doing now. It also good for me to keep track of what I have done.

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