Friday, October 26, 2012

Unemployment Rate by Country - Migration Consideration?

I read a news lately about unemployment in Australia has been increased from 5.1% to 5.4% so I am just wondering how it is compared to other countries. Let's check it out the following where I get from the wikipedia but not all data are updated:

Australia - 5.4% (Sept 2012)
Brazil - 4.7% (Dec 2011)
Brunei - 3.7% (2008)
Canada - 7.3% (March 2012)
China - 4.1% (Sept 2010)
Denmark - 6.2% (April 2012)
France - 10.2%(April 2012)
Germany - 5.4% (April 2012)
Hong Kong - 3.5% (July 2011)
Iceland - 6.6% (April 2012)
India - 3.8% (2011)
Indonesia - 6.56% (August 2011)
Ireland - 14.9% (June 2012)
Israel - 7.1% (May 2012)
Italy - 10.2 (April 2012)
Japan - 4.5% (Feb 2012)
Malaysia - 3.0% (Oct 2011)
New Zealand - 6.8% (June 2012)
Norway - 3.0% (March 2012)
Pakistan - 5.7% (2010)
Philippine - 6.9% (April 2012) 
Singapore - 1.9% (March 2011)
South Africa - 23.9% (Q3 2011)
South Korea - 3.7% (April 2010)
Switzerland - 3.1% (April 2012)
Sweden - 7.3% (April 2012)
Taiwan - 5.14% (May 2010)
Turkey - 8.0% (Sept 2012)
United Kingdom - 8.1% (May 2012)
United State - 8.1% (August 2012)
Vietnam - 2.9% (April 2009)

Note: For complete and most updated list, refer to: wikipedia

You should proud to be Malaysian as it is one of the top having lowest unemployment rate in the world, but not to be compared with Singapore which is at only 1.9%. :D Hopefully these data is accurate enough. Perhaps this also explains why the're so many foreign workers these day in Malaysia?

If you're thinking to work oversea or migrate to certain country, one of the things you should consider is the to unemployment rate of that country. The lowest the unemployment rate, the chances for you go get a job there is higher.

For example In Malaysia, most people plan to migrate to Australia, United State or Singapore and minority is to China. I don't know how true this is but this is what happen in my circle of friends. Given these data, it tells you it is the hardest to get a job in United State, followed by Australia, China and Singapore. In fact, this is true based on what I heard. This also means that if you plan to migrate to United State, it is better you secure a job there first before you move. Most of the successful case that I aware of is by networking because most companies prefer locals. However in Australia, China and Singapore, the chances of getting a job is higher, you can consider to make the move first then only start looking for a job. Hopefully it is still true for Australia as the unemployment rate is at increasing trend.

P/S: Perhaps looking at the trend will have more meaningful data, I will try to get those information for my next post.


Alvin Lim said...

Unsurprisingly...a lot of people i know only complain about Malaysia and think other countries are much better than us. So they keep on dreaming bout migrating :P

And yeah, they never bother to find out the unemployment rate etc. :)

ChampDog said...

Yes, from that perspective it is a good one. Malaysia has been enjoying good employment all these while.

The only question that I have is more on how accurate is this data. Assuming if you can't get a job in Malaysia, are you counted in this statistic? Will you report yourself given we don't have any unemployment benefits?

The grass may not necessary green out there huh? I think as long as you set the right expectation that there are always a pros and cons of migration, then it is okay. At least, it won't be a surprise to you. It is a risk anyway.

ChampDog said...

Someone told me no one wants to migrate to China. That's why I said is minority.

Majority of people are expat there, maybe some of them find China is great and they decided to move there permanently?

maveric said...


Recent 'judiciary,social and political' events may have exacerbated your wish to get out of this country...& that is why you are selling one of your property investment..!

I recognize it as a very natural emotional response from anybody that has the prerequisites to make this move.

Looking in from the sideline,it is by any measures,a very tough call and comparing it with my retrenchment episode in '99...that was a piece of cake..!! all wise people says ' Most of our worrying thoughts do not materialize ..& anything that doesn't kill you makes you grow stronger '

I do think that we are blessed in what ever we do...

ChampDog said...

Hey Maveric, long time no see. I have been planning this for 2 years, so not really that recent also.

I agree on what you said but my decision is not fully related to political reasons but also for my own career development.

I"m taking it as a challenge to change field and start doing something that I maybe "like". :)

It has been quite sometime I'm in this semiconductor field which I will stuck here forever with very minimum growth if I don't change.

Yes, it is a tough call...

maveric said...

Yupe....As you are probably aware,I was in sales for something like 30 odd years.The mantra of most people in my generation was 'job security 1st' and one tends to look at so called safe & strong companies to join and work for.'s get entombed in a 'comfort zone' fast enough & becomes more 'chicken hearted' for anything else after that.It turns out that for self consolation,one would term it as acquiring a virtue called perseverance ...which is really BSh_ting.

Yupe....don't rock the boat and do toe the our job'security is 1st' Come to think of it,would things be helluva better if one has taken more risk at the 'opportunities' that came by....?

Yupe...I will never know for sure..:D

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