Thursday, January 07, 2016

2016 Resolutions and Review

Wow, time flies. I have migrated here in Australia for 2 years. It has been 2 years I don't have a resolution. Now I think it is time to start for 2016! Before that, let's do some reviews.

What happened in 2013 & 2014?

  • Still have a job luckily but fail to get another job offer with higher pay. I have been looking for maybe almost a year. :( Few key things I learn during this process:
    • For experience hiring, most recruiter look for "direct matching" experience that you have. If you don't have a direct matching skills and experience, your chance will be low. Maybe close to zero?
    • Programming test and aptitude screening test is extremely hard. I failed most of these tests. They're not expecting you score >80% mark but maybe more than that? This is especially true for certain industry (i.e. financial market trading). I only managed to pass maybe 1 out of 5 of these tests, then my phone interview failed. The hiring process usually goes like this, screen test, phone interview, then face to face interview with another round of technical test.
    • Unlike in Malaysia that I know, most of them don't have pressure to hire. They set a bar, whoever pass the bar, they will hire. So their positions are always open. This is just my guess only. I think is true especially for those larger companies.  
  • Still manage to save more than 50% of our combined income. Thanks to my wife who is capable enough to earn higher than I do. I hope she can earn more and more and yes, I don't mind eat "soft rice"! 
  • Traveled to so many places within Australia. I have been Tasmania twice, Uluru, Canberra, Adelaide, places within NSWs(e.g Parkes for satellite dish, Young for cherry picking, bush walking, beaches and more). Thanks to my wife again who loves travelling and plan almost all travels that we have.
  • Bought an off the plan apartment but it is only ready in early of 2018. Maybe a wrong move? We initially wanted to buy a property that we can move in immediately. Maybe this is good too, because loan application needs to look at your credit record which I don't have. So I can take times to build up my credit record here.
  • Back to work again, I got promoted to Senior but with very little increment (i.e. less than 5%). It was still a great achievement but now is kind of in a comfort zone already.
  • Had a posture problem that cause various health issue. Maybe that's the symptoms of getting old. :(
  • Created one Android game but only have 10+ download. :) Well, this is my third app.  I guess this is something that I want to focus in 2016.

2016 Resolutions
  • Fix posture problem, sleep, sit and walk properly. Now I only realize posture is so important, Measure of success: No headache more than twice in a year
  • Develop more Android games or app. Need to focus on this because this is something that I really like and can also create more job opportunities in furture. So I need to develop some skills. Measure of success: 5 apps and at least 1 app hits >5000 downloads
  • Experience in AirBnB (Stretch goal). Since I'm getting old, need to start thinking of how to build a second income that do need so much effort from my physical body. Measure of success: Move out existing place and have 3 tenants. 
Yes, 3 resolutions only and I think it is good enough. In fact, these 3 goals are already very hard to me. :D Maybe one more unwritten resolution is update this blog.  I don't want this blog dead. The other blogs that I have is fine but not this one. Okay, at least 2 posts per quarter. I hope this is not so hard.

Good luck and happy near year!


Aaron Tang said...

Hey Vince,

Saw you recently on CompareHero's 2016 Financial Tips article. I've visited your website quite a few times before, but just silently.

Wanted to finally say Hi (from a fellow engineer), and wish you the very best for 2016!

p.s. I've got 3 resolutions too!

ChampDog said...

Thanks Aaron for dropping by. It is great to see an engineer blogger, not that many out there. Yes, 3 resolutions enough. We're the same. :) Wish you all the best!

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