Saturday, February 27, 2016

2015 Expenses Update in Sydney

Previously I posted "living expenses in Sydney for 2 adults" is around $54.7K might not be completely correct due 2 adults expenses only started actually in May. So, my 2015 expenses may be more accurate for 2 adults instead.

My expenses in 2015 was $67K, it is about 22.5% increase as compared to my expenses in 2014. If we converted to MYR, it is about RM 200K per year. So instead of RM150K that I mentioned previously, you need RM 200k per year to survive in Sydney.

Here is the breakdown:

We travel quite often and back to Malaysia twice a year. That contributes quite high number of expenses (i.e. > 20% of our expenses). Hopefully this information is useful especially for those who plan to migrate to Australia. It is not cheap, so be prepared. Good luck!

Note: FYI - The breakdown is not as accurate as in my previous 2014 expenses breakdown because I no longer track every single detailed item but overall spending is still accurate. You should refer to my 2014 expenses for more accurate breakdown data if you're interested.


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