Saturday, March 13, 2010

Top 10 Hottest Topics Since 2006

These are the top 10 hottest topics (based on number of page views) since this blog was started in 2006. In fact, most of these topics were posted in 2008 and 2009. Let's check it out:

Top 1: Invest Gold in Malaysia Through Public Bank
Here I talked about that you can invest gold in Malaysia through public bank and the reasons why I invest in Gold.

Top 2: Simple Way to Explain Subprime Crisis
This is probably the best post that I've ever had to describe the complex subprime crisis in a very simple way. I rewrite this post at least 3 times to make this as simple as possible. Hopefully, I achieve what I intent to do.

Top 3: FD, Savings, Inflation and EPF Rates in Malaysia
This shows the fixed deposit, savings, Inflation and EPF rates in Malaysia since 1996. Sometimes it is fun to look at the historical trend....

Top 4: Get Rid of Worms in Stomach
Interestingly this post is the top 4 in my blog. I'm not sure whether I should be happy with it or not. Anyway, the video here is disgusting based on some of the readers comments but that is not the whole point...

Top 5: Understand Retrenchment Labor Law in Malaysia
I guess people who reach here are the one just being retrenched? I'm sorry for that. I think it is important to understand what is your rights when you're retrenched. Who knows?

Top 6: Story of Stuff Summary & Review
It talks about how stuff works and I just summarized what the author had said. She have the second version now and I probably will write another review for it if I think is useful.

Top 7: How to Calculate Housing and Car Loan
This is probably the most important post because many people has no idea the car loan interest is actually higher than the housing loan interest. It seems lower but it is not...

Top 8: Dell Inspiron 640m Review
I recently bought a new Dell Studio 1555. Perhaps I should write review for it again? Anyway, you can just ignore this post if you're not interested. It was intended for very specific niche readers. :)

Top 9: Which bank should I choose for best FD rate?
This posts show the latest FD rate (yes, outdated already) and the key message is I personally think that we shouldn't follow which banks offer the best FD rate.

Top 10: Fastest Way to Get Rich By Swisscash
Swisscash was one of the very famous “High Yield Investment Plan” scams. By title it seems like I was supporting it but I”m not. I don't totally against it if you like this kind of stuff and know exactly what you're doing...

P/S: One of the readers commented whether I have other similar useful posts that he was reading. I honestly do not know about it. Perhaps the one that he was reading is the only one that useful. Anyway, I come out this idea just to list out the top 10 highest pages views of all my posts and hopefully you may find some of them to be useful or interesting.

But can number of page views tells these top 10 posts is the most useful one?


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