Thursday, February 15, 2007

Purely Saving is Not Enough, You Need Strategy

Purely saving money is not enough. You need invest your saving because the money will depreciate over time. Investment is the only way you could actually save more.

Having said that, save money is not easy. This is due to the fact the human nature is never satisfy with what the have now. Human life’s fulfillment is very high standard by nature. A very simple theory is that you earn more, you spend more and you save less. Sometimes is it even true that you earn more, you borrow more and therefore your debt more.

Hello, hello, what’s wrong with you? Are you in the same pool of people here? If you are, why are you still doing this? Let’s correct this together. We should earn more, save more, invest more, and finally debt free and enjoy more at the later stages of life.


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