Saturday, February 03, 2007

What we want from life?

Many of us do not know what we want from life. We are influenced and swayed by others. The others could be our friends, colleagues, bosses, the media and the family. This often leaves us confused and rudderless Then there are those of us who thought we knew what we wanted and are surprised to find that having got it, it no longer holds any appeal.

Life is confusing especially to those folks who do not realize the existing of “Time variable” in the equation of “what we really want”. What you want today may not be what you want tomorrow. Of course what you want now is to become financially independent or financial freedom but what if tomorrow you know you have cancer and you only have 3 months to live? At that point time, what you really want is to spend time with your loves one instead of still pursuing financial freedom.

In this case, what you really want is not only wealth but health and perhaps loves? The sad thing about this world is most people do not appreciate what they have in life. We only appreciate things when we know we’re going to lost it or we have lost it. Confusingly, once we lost it, we can never let go of it. We don’t want to let go the things that we already lost? Hmm… confusing isn’t it? Surprisingly also a very sad fact, most people aware of it but still we don’t practice it.

For example, the formula that you want in your life from your external mind:

Life = (Wealth x (Time ==Today)) + (Health x (Time ==Today))

Your internal mind changes your own equation to the following without your awareness:

Life = (Wealth x (Time ==Today)) + (Health x (Time == Future))

And when you got health problem which is already too late, you change the equation to:

Life = (Wealth x (Time == Past)) + (Health x (Time == Now))

Not only to health and wealth, this is also happen in relationship, love, happiness and more. Time variable indeed exist in all the equations in this world. Don't ignore it, it does exist. Without time, we don't ever exist. :)


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