Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wealth and Talent

The Chinese character for wealth, the accumulation of money and other asserts is compared of 2 symbols

  1. One is a seashell, the medium of exchange in very ancient times
  2. The symbol for the unique ability or talent that each of us possesses. The literal meaning of the symbol is “brilliance”.

The path to wealth is not to chase money for its own sake, but to understand and develop your own intrinsic talents and inclinations. You must seek a livelihood that allows you to do what you were intended to do and brings you joy. If you do, the money will take care of itself. Too often we select a job because it pays well or offers security. But no matter how well a job pays initially or how secure it makes you feel, it will turn out to be a dead and unless it is in line with your own particular talents. It will eventually rob you of your enthusiasm and creative brilliance. At best, you will become mediocre, and your rewards will likewise be mediocre.

Because each of us possesses a spark of individual brilliance, every one us is capable of accomplishing something in our own unique way that cannot be accomplished by anyone else. Striving to discover our niche in this vast human market is part of our conquest of lie.

In most cases, life does not play hide-and-seek rather we are blind. Our unique abilities often display themselves in many situations in the course of our life, because we are so focused on making a living, we do not see anything else. In this case, for our own good, sometimes life will pull the rug form under us, so we are compelled to look around and discover new possibilities.

Source:Thick Face, Black Heart


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