Sunday, November 25, 2007

Law of Attraction is Useless without Action

After some thought of detail analysis this universal law, I conclude the following equation to get whatever we want in life. Perhaps I should call it universal equation to be successful.


In my opinion, the Law of Attraction (LOA) is only applicable to non-tangible goal (e.g. your emotion). For tangible goal (e.g. money, property), LOA is completely a *CRAP*. For those of you who are trying to apply LOA on tangible goal, you’ll be most likely trapped in your dream world and never able to achieve your goal. Applying LOA on non-tangible goal will only make you a loser and not a winner.

Let’s take a simple example as “I want to earn 1 million in a year”. Can you simply just apply the LOA by asking the universe? According to LOA, yes you can as long you ask the universal and you receive it. But, this is without any action? Try it and if it is possible, it probably takes forever or you probably end up in the mental institution. For tangible goals, LOA is completely useless without ACTION.

If you want to feel happy and enjoyable in your life, yes you can probably apply the LOA only without any action but not to the goal such as “to earn 1 million”. The intention of LOA is to make you a better person. However we need to be realistic too. Whatever you want to achieve in your life especially those tangible goals, you need to put in effort and action before you ask the universe. Simply just asking the universal without action is not enough.

Shoot me, if you disagree with me. It is just my thought only.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with you. Having dream is good but having too much dream is a disaster.

Jack Payne said...

A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.

ChampDog said...

That's why I don't fully 100% agree with the LOA.

Mt. said...

it doesn't matter if LOA is correct or not, its a matter of what you get out of it.

By "definition" of LOA, if you do not have 100% believe in it, its powerful effect will not fall upon you.

ChampDog said...

Good point. I think beliefs are a huge source of power. If we're 100% believe in LOA, and this belief will eventually leads to the actions that you take. Whatever you believe in somehow it will transform to action...

Cary Darling said...

I would have to disagree with a number of things said here, and it has taken me some time to come to terms with this. I initially thought as you all do now.
I'm sorry for commenting on such an old post, but I was doing a search and this came up and I wanted to comment.
What I am learning, is that, the ONLY action required of you to get the ball rolling with the law of attraction is asking, then believing, then receiving.
First you ask: I want a car.
Second you believe: I'm going to get my car.
Third you receive: Most people think this means you actually take possession of it, when in reality what it means is you express your gratitude towards the source for that new car, and you behave as if you already have the car.

That's it. Now the creation begins, how that takes shape or form is up to the source. You may win a contest, or you may get a promotion that now enables you to afford that new car, or you may get a million dollar idea that puts you into a new income bracket. The only action required is just faith.

ChampDog said...

It is okay to comment on any old posts. In fact, it is my pleasure that you commented on my blog. Your comment is very constructive and it triggers me think more. Hopefully we can reach a consensus at one point. Thanks for the sharing. Having said that, I still stand on my side. I still believe that we still need action. You need both LOA + ACTION to achieve your goal. LOA is only a motivation factor.

Let’s look the example that you gave about how the creation begins. First is to win a contest. So you participate in a contest and you do something to win a contest. Isn’t that an action? Second is promotion. You work hard to outperform your job, isn’t that an action? Third, you get a million dollar idea and you implement it. Isn’t that an action?

Sometimes is life, we can’t really fully depend on faith or in another word, it depends on luck. For example, I want to get a car. What I did is to believe and visualize I have already own car and that is? If I’m lucky, then I may accidentally perform some unknown actions to get a car. Can we really that lucky all the time? This is the first approach. It applies only the LOA without any clear actions.

Let’s look at the second approach. This is applying both LOA and ACTION. Why don’t we come out a solid plan instead? For example, in order for me to get a promotion so that I afford to buy a car, I need to perform task A, task B and task C. So I put task A, B and C into action and implement them. At the same time I’m applying LOA on these 3 tasks by visualizing I’ve already completed these 3 tasks and these 3 tasks lead me to promotion.

So, which approach (first or second) can achieve your goal faster? Which one is more realistic? I do not go against LOA. I’m fully support it but sometimes our mind are not strong enough (as a human) to visualize whatever thing we want to become a reality. We need help from external factor to make it a reality which is the "action" comes into play.

Hope this is making sense. :)

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