Sunday, November 25, 2007

Waive Your Credit Cards Fees

Recently talked to a relative and surprisingly, she doesn’t aware of the credit cards fees can be waived. In case if you’re not aware too, I think this is something good to share. But, I don’t know other countries but it works in Malaysia.

The bank usually gives you to waive your annual fees for the first years or second years or even more after your application. After that, you will have to continue to pay the annual fees as usual. For my case, I entitled to waive the fee for my first 5 years.

So after the 5 years expiration, I called the bank to waive my credit card annual fees. They usually ask you to spend certain amount of money in the following months. If you’re able to do it, the annual fees will be waived automatically. If they insist to charge me the fees, I will of course insist to cancel the cards and go for other banks. This will usually work to waive the fees. This is for HSBC credit cards but I believe it should apply to all.

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Azwad said...

I use Direct Access from CIMB (formerly Southern) which did not charge annual fee.

ChampDog said...

I see. Thanks for the information. :)

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