Thursday, November 29, 2007

Making Sperm from Women

Do you know women can make sperm? I just aware of this. In case you're like me, I think this is something worth to be shared. In fact, women can't make sperm at least still hold true at this moment. However surprisingly according to this research (link removed due to no longer available), women may not need to have sex with guys to have baby. They may able to generate the sperm within their own body. In other words women may able to give births by themselves with men.

In my opinion this kind of research, it seems possible but I bet it could take years to be reality. Perhaps when that day comes, I may no longer in this world. What is your bet? Think of it again, this is great discovery but what is the point? Does it makes the world a better life? If this really becomes true one day, probably we will help the world to have more lesbians. Will making more lesbian makes our world a better life? Maybe to those are lesbians would agree with that. What about the negative impacts? I can't really imagine...

Why don't all those brilliant scientists spend all their resources on making the cures for those diseases such as cancer, AIDs and etc? Don't you think this will make the worlds more meaningful and a better life? What for we work so hard to generate sperm from Women since we can get it from men?


Mt. said...

in TV Series Lost, it has shown that Woman can get pregnant by herself by injecting certain solution. But the solution info wasn't disclosed :D

ChampDog said...

I almost forgot about this series...

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! interesting topic lol
im not a lesbo. but it is really good news for whom have no husbands.
btw i came from eastcoast blog.
thanks for ur question.
i thought it smelt bad becoz it was like rotten milk after some time.
have a nice weekend champdog!!

Peky said...'s not funny to be able to generate sperm in me!! What if oneday i had a accident internally and impregnanted myself??!!! ewwww :P i'll have more piglets coming out!! hahhahahaha...

Anyways. No fun!

ChampDog said...

@ niki_yokata
Ya, a good news to those who don't have husband. But I'm not sure will this encourage ppl to not to have husband?

Hahahaha Ya, I knew you. All kind of milk will smell bad after some time anyway. :D

@ peky
You make me want to laugh. Accidentally get pregnant by yourself? hahahahahaha... Isn't good if you can product piglets? Then you no need to buy anymore and some more can play the real one. :)

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