Monday, November 19, 2007

The Law of Attraction (The Secret Movie)

I’m not sure if you have heard about the secret movie. I watched it and here I’m here to share with you or to summarize the movie for you. Hope you will find it useful.

The secret movie reveals the secret that gives you everything you want in life including health, wealth, relationship, happiness and etc. as long as you know how to apply the secret. The secret is “The Law of Attraction” and it is the universal law.

The Law of Attraction simply says that whatever happens to you in your life are attracted by you in your mind or your thought. As long as you’re activating your thought toward the things that you want or you don’t want, the universal will rearrange itself to respond to your thought.

So to get what you want in life, you just need to “ask” the universal. The universal will rearrange itself to answer what’re asking for. The last step is to “receive”. You must receive the answer from universal. If you have positive emotions (i.e. happy, joy, love), you’re in alignment with your thought. You’re receiving the answer from the universal. However, if you have negative emotions (i.e. anger, frustration, jealousy), you’re not in align with your though or what you’re asking for. This means you do not accept or receive the answers from universal. This is called the creative process which consists of 3 steps. We have the ability or power to create whatever we want in life as long as we able to complete the creative process!

The Creative Process
Step 1 - Ask
Step 2 - Answer
Step 3 - Receive

Applying it in your life starting today, you will experience the life transforming. There are a lot of debates on the law of attraction. Think of it carefully, the law simply says the universal will rearrange itself to answer what you’re asking for as long as you’re receiving it (positive emotions). That means “You don’t need to do anything to get 1 million” if 1 million is you’re asking for. You sit there and do nothing and applying “The Law of Attraction” and you will get 1 million in your hand? Is this something possible? Or The Law of Attraction is another crap? Isn’t it same with praying? Or is it something that fools yourself with your own mind? Or is this something similar to perceptive reality? Think of it…


Mt. said...

its just a metaphor ... this has grey the line between religion and self imporvement. Generally religion helps ppl but if one follows bible too literary, some anti-social and negative effects may be induced.

ChampDog said...

I think they are similar in a sense that they cannot be proven scientifically. At least today, it still holds true.

I agree that this could be something sensitive due to religion. But so far still okay within my friends which consists of Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian. They do not seem really object the LOA. :D

Cary Darling said...

Here I am again. ;)
You ask if people can just ask for a million and then sit there and do nothing. I think you need to look deeper into LOA, start by reading The Science of Getting Rich, it's freely available on the net, and where The Secret got its information.
Sure, you may just sit there and a million dollars shows up on your doorstep, I've had similar things happen to me. Or it may come in the form of a million dollar idea.

ChampDog said...

Yupe, I replied your previous comments. You can look at it and I hope it is making sense to you.

Thanks for recommendation. In fact, a lot of motivation books is quite similar to LOA. It is just they convey a same message in different form.

Okay, "The science of Getting Rich" is my to read list. :)

Anonymous said...


You have posted a fantastic blog.
Your 3 Creative process-
- are motivating factors to make dreams a reality.

ChampDog said...

Thank you. Btw, these 3 creative process is not from me. It is from "The Secret". :)

Anonymous said...

i must say i don really believe in it. law of attraction - i believe, but not the secret. i dont think sitting around there wishing for something, and imagining you already have it, and feel happy bout it - will bring u the thing that u wanted.

u need to act on it.

why do ppl daydream so much n achieve nothing? because they never work on it.

anyway, it is still useful because it teaches people how to be content and how to be happy. and how to visualize what u wan and how much u wanted it ----> and might result in an action from u.

if u think positive, u will attract positive things. if u think negative, u will attract negative stuff. but sometimes, things do happen. i m sure a lot of cancer patients didnt wish for cancer. and what about those kids with HIV?
they've never wished for it.

ChampDog said...

Yupe, that is the tricky part. If you don’t believe it, it won’t work. We have the same thought, that’s why I posted about The LOA is useless Without Action. I think we still need to put action on it and implement it. Without that, we will end up in dreaming as what you said “Day Dreaming”.

I do believe our brain has the infinity power. Assuming if we can 100% fully utilize it, we’re kind of like a God. When you achieve that, you do not require any action but just think of it, you will get it. But the problem is no one in this world can really achieve that therefore we just need “action”. – My Philosophy

Talking about cancer, I’m sure you have heard about those recover by themselves which is a miracle and it can’t be explained in science. That is where the LOA comes into play. Only 100% believing in LOA can hep you recover from cancer. Don’t you think so?

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