Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Attack and defense zones in financial planning

Attack is to make money. Defense is to manage your money. Which one is the more important? Even though both are equally important but I vote defense zone in financial planning is more important. Why? This is simply because most people do not pay attention to it. Most people are just focusing on the attack zone. Everyday when we wake up in the morning, here is what we have in mind:

  1. Work hard
  2. Make more money.
Because of most people do not realize it, I vote defense zone is more important.

Concentrating on the attack zone by itself is not wrong. Unfortunately, most folks are so busy making money that they miss putting that money to work to make more money for them. As a result, the outflow of money creates age gaps in their defenses. Most folks try to overcome the poor defense by attacking even harder by putting in overtime or moonlighting.

While this can often bring in some extra cash, it is not the solution to the problem. The problem is the ignorance of defense zones. The holes and gaps must be attended first. Then and only then, all those attack strategies could only make a difference.

So, before we learn how to make more money, we must first learn how to manage our money. We must discover the reasons why we are just transit points for money. It tickles in but flies out straightway, leaving us no wealthier or better off. Focus on the defense zones before you attack. Plan your financial well before attack. Know your enemy well.


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