Friday, January 05, 2007

Change one thing, Change Everything, Responsible Everything

Our life today is the result of all thoughts we chose to entertain until now. Whether we are happy or not with our present day circumstances, we need to realize that we are fully responsible for causing them. We create our own reality by the way we think. If we had thought differently, felt differently and made different decisions in the past, our present circumstances would definitely have been different. Change one thing, change everything, responsible everything.

If we accept full responsibility for every decision we mad in the past, we cannot blame on anyone for our present circumstances. We are in full control of our life. However, we need to realize it is never too late to change our present circumstances to how we want them to be. Right now, we can wish for a different lifestyle, a different job, or choose to live elsewhere, merely by making a firm DECISION to do so. This decision has to be made before change can become a reality. Change one thing, change everything, responsible everything. This is also how I motivate myself by taking the FULL RESPONSIBILITY of my own life.


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