Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pay First, Travel Later

Another most common mistake people made is to travel first and pay later. In other words, enjoy first, worry about the payment later. If this is happening to you, stop it. Plan every budget that you need to spend for every travel. If not, I’m sure you’re going to spend a lot. You will buy things that you will never ever consider back home. That means that by the time you get back, the bills will total up to some BIG figure. I experienced it before especially my last trip to Shanghai, China in 2005. Unbelievable, I look at the stuff I bought from China in 2005, 90% of them are useless. I just put there for the sake of displaying. Why do I still buy it, then? I have to admit that the sales person do a very good job. He got my respect. Don’t believe me? Try visiting China and do not limit your budget. I bet you will end up buying more stuffs than I do. The only good useful stuff that I bought from China is the silk quilt. I use it every night. If you ever visiting China, buy only the silk product.

Should you stop traveling then? Hmm… I won’t agree to as I view travel is an investment. Why? Here are my 2 reasons:

  1. Can feel the different experience in the other side of the world. This is knowledge.
  2. Recharge my batteries and open the mind. Get all the inner healing.

Remember, when you’re in vacation, make sure you’re completely on vacation. Or else, your inner healing won’t work. Learn as much as you can (e.g. the culture). One last thing, do you aware to go on a $ 5000 vacation, you just need to save $ 500 per month for 10 months. So, why don’t just plan for it and travel every year? Plan and pay first, travel later.


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