Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Overcoming Shyness

One of the most inhibiting obstacles to personal growth is the feeling fo awkwardness that afflicts many of us when we feel uncomfortable and tongue-tied in unfamiliar surroundings. This feeling of shyness exists at different levels of severity in all of us.

Shyness is a universal social obstacle, experienced by many people. Fumbling for the right words, inability to socialize, to mix freely among strangers, to relax and enjoy new friends, to say the right things at the right time, can develop into limitations that can stunt our personal enjoyment of like, and inhibit our self-confidence.

Shyness is basically caused by feelings of insecurity and low self-worth. It is a result of a lack of confidence in ourselves, and comes from a belief that we are not good enough.

It is useful to remember that these attitudes spring from your own mind. Confidence comes from within yourself. No one can give it to you. Only you can make yourself more confident and you can do this by convincing yourself that you are a worthy individual, that you are an interesting person, and that you have something special to offer to the world. You do not need to pretend to someone else, or to live up to other people's expectations all the time. By believing that you are a worthy and capable human being, you can feel adequate and self-assured anywhere, anytime.

Work at improving every area of your life that is causing you to feel inadequate or inferior. Work on improving your general appearance, your speech, you general knowledge or your social skills. This process of self-improvement will vastly boost your self-image and self-confidence thereby eliminating your shyness over time.

It is worthwhile to make an effort to overcome shyness, mainly because it is a major obstacle to personal growth. If you can overcome shyness, you will notice a different world. You will enjoy relationships and opportunities will open up for your and you will be much happier person. Perhaps the word financial freedom and financial independence will come to you automatically too. :)


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