Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Characteristics of Time by Chin-Ning Chu

Very interesting about time characteristic by Chin-Ning Chu in one of her books -Do Less, Achieve More: Discover the Hidden Powers Giving In:

  1. The reality of time exists only with us
  2. The experience of the length of time shifts according to our state of consciousness. 5 minutes may seem to be forever. 5 hours may seem to be fleeting moment.
  3. Although time consists of a past and present, with a potential for future, time only truly exists in the moment of “now”.
  4. Time is an infinite series of “nows” strung together
  5. Each moment, each “now”, carries the entire past and determines the entire future.
  6. The way we spend each “now” creates our destiny
  7. Managing time is about managing ourselves. It is about focus, purpose, and priority. When we are in the moment of “now”, we are in timelessness – the eternity, the time beyond time.
  8. When you live your life by reacting to a outer chaos, you are at the mercy of time and time victimizes you.
  9. When you operate your life from the serene stillness of your inner peace, time protects you and serves you.
  10. When our time is up, no amount of money can buys us a single extra moment.
  11. If our successes do not become reality before our death, we have only ourselves to blame – we have misused time, our moments of “now”.

I like the point 6. The more you spend your in moments of "now", the closer you're toward the success. One of the criteria to live happily is to spend the moment of "now". Focus at the present is the key here, in my opinion.


Kakti_Alifaisya said...

Have you read Thick Face, Black Heart. Also by Chin Ning Chu. That is one great book.

ChampDog said...

Yes, I read it few years ago. I agree it is a great book. In fact, it is one of the books that I read so far that able to build up my confident level effectively as compared to many other motivation books.

Perhaps the most valuable thing that I learned from this book is the negative thinking that mentioned by her. I like the way she talks about the negative thinking that can be transformed to success. Not talking about positive or negative thinking, I think the real key what she tried to bring up is “You Can Success The Way You Are”.

Having said this is a great book, it also can be an evil book to make the evil even more evil. It really depends on how you interpret it and use it. Yeah, it is a great book to help someone who wants to succeed in life. :)

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