Thursday, March 15, 2007

Avoid Television Mail Order

Television mail order is a multi billion-dollar industry in the US. The reason is not because they have a good product but the power of their advertisement. You have probably seen the products advertised on TV. The most common one I have to say is the losing weight product. It is very hot! It is very hot is simply because the TV tells you the short-cut to lose weight but in actual fact, there is no such thing. If losing weight is what you’re working very hard to achieve, after watching their advertisement I’m sure 90% of the chances you are going to order it.

One of the most common these advertisements use is “This product is not available in the store but only can be bought through television mail order”. Why? Have you ever think of it if this product is so great, why can’t the manufacturer put it in the stores and sell more of it? The reason is that this product is new and still in the introductory stage. The manufacturer does not confident in this new wonder product and wants to see the responses from the market. One way is by limited releases using the television mail order. If the respond is good, they will then roll out the products to store and sell more of it.

In summary, if you buy through the television mail order, you will become the guinea pigs of that product. The product may turns out to be positive or negative to you. However as you know it is in the introductory stage, what are the chances that you get positive result as compared the one already matured and sold in the store? Still want to buy from television mail order? Smart people like you and me don’t go for television mail order.


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