Monday, March 19, 2007

Buying a Car that You Can Afford

Sadly to many people, buying a car is more than just a car. Car is a symbol of wealth to many people. People judge you by looking at what car you drive. Therefore it becomes a driving team to many people. Unfortunately, buying a car is also the area where most people tend to mess up. The reason is simply they buy a wrong car. It is just too expensive for them. They buy a car even they cannot really afford it. Surprisingly, they will even to scarify many things just to own a car and even they can afford it, they upgrade to a more luxurious car that costs too much money.

The symbol of wealth is simply not true and I would suggest you to buy the car that you can afford. Unless you want to buy the car for different purpose, for example, to impress your clients by your Mercedes that looks convincing to join your business then I would probably agree with you to buy those car providing the investment (to impress your client) is worth. However if you buy the car just to impress some hot chicks by your Mercedes to still on your car, I would better suggest you to forget about it.

The most common question is how I know if I can afford to buy the car or not? As a rule of dumb, if you can able to buy a car with cash or 1 to 2 years loan, then you can afford to buy the car. If not, you would better to get a cheaper car. As for me, I will get a car as cheap as possible that I can tolerant with and at least it meets the purpose of the car (i.e. to carry you from one place to another) and of course meet certain standard of quality. You don’t want to buy car and pay all the huge maintenance cost just to make the car alive. The rest of the money I left, I will invest them either in property or stocks.

By the way, this is the car that I can afford. It costs ~RM 50K – Myvi Special Edition. Check this out:


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