Sunday, March 18, 2007

Words of Advice for Stock Market Investors

These are the few words of advice I get it from the local news paper from one guy apparently a stock market investment guru. I just posted what his advice for all stock market investors and speculators out there. Here is his advice:

  1. Value for money you must insist
  2. Buying in a downtrend you must resist
  3. The trend is your friends
  4. Follow it to the every end.
  5. Holding on to a falling stock is unwise
  6. Cut your losses quickly is advised
  7. Never kill the golden goose when you have one
  8. Never sell prematurely, let it run for once.
  9. Undervalued unpopular stock is never a fancy
  10. Glamour stock is the choice normally
  11. Join the crowd; enjoy the ride, if you wish
  12. Be careful thought, lest you fall out and vanish
  13. The market is most tempting at the top
  14. Lock in your profit before volume has a good drop
  15. Sell your stocks when you love them most
  16. Take your money and let the deal be closed
  17. Buy when volume traded is at its lowest
  18. The market will then be at its dullest
  19. Investors should buy low and sell high
  20. Traders should buy high and sell higher
  21. Someday you will know what I mean
  22. By then, you are a stock market dean.


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