Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Power in Your Spoken Words

As what I have been discussed in the previous topic - The Power of Perceptive Reality ,one of the ways (at least this is what I know) to form a beliefs and thoughts is to start from your mouth. There is tremendous power in your spoken words. Yet most people speak in negatives words. I was never thought that my choice of words would have anything to do with what I would experience in life. Nobody thought me that my thoughts were creative, or that they could literally shape my life. Nobody thought me that what I gave out, in the form of words would return to me as experiences.

The way you talk yourself is really important. When you wake up in the morning, what do you think or say to yourself? What are your last thoughts before going to sleep? Are they powerful healing thoughts or worry thoughts? Do you read something positive before you go to sleep?

Your subconscious mind makes no judgments. It accepts everything you say and think and creates according to your beliefs. It always says yes. Remember this important point. I repeat again, your subconscious mind always says yes. Your subconscious mind gives you what you declared. If you choose poverty beliefs and concepts, then it assumed that you want them. It will continue to give you these things until you are willing to change your spoken words to your mind. One thing you want to know that is you are never stuck with what you get because you can always choose again – the power of choose.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know true from false or right from wrong. You don’t want to say something like, “Oh, stupid, old me.” Because the subconscious mind will pick up this self-talk, while it will become a beliefs in your subconscious. When you think a thought or speak a word or sentence, it somehow goes out and comes back to you.


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