Tuesday, December 19, 2006

High Risk, High Return, More Homework

The world is very fair. You want to earn big, you need to do a lot of homework. Go for stock market directly. Make big money! Ok, this is too risky for you. Then let’s go for mutual fund or unit trust with minimum of homework required. Well, you don’t want to do homework at all? “Fund of Funds” is the answer then. Unfortunately, I don’t think “Fund of Funds” is popular yet in most of the countries. Well, remember if you do less homework, you will get low return too and of course low risk.


JB said...

Fund of funds can be good, but the expense ratio is a little higher. What would be good is if someone created a disruptive technology fund. Love your blog. Post more!


ChampDog said...

I have no experience on "Fund of Funds". Would "Fund of Funds" over diversified?

Why disruptive technology fund? Is it good? I think we already have it somewhere but definitely not in my country.

You're welcome, David. :)

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