Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Why location is so important in real estate investment?

Whether you’re buying it for your own use, as an investment or as a rental, location is the main point for real estate or property investment. Simple to say yet not many people is really practicing it. Most of us buy a house depending on our own wants and needs. Put your wants or needs to the second priority but put what others need at first.

Let’s take my own life experience where I bought my first house because I like it so much. The view from apartment is so nice. It is a really good view and I like it so much.

Not only have a nice view, it is the “Perfect Location” as it is a place near my office. I bought it for $120K in 2001. Guess what, today is 2006 the value of my house is still $120K. Should I happy that the value is not depreciating at least ??? Obviously, I made a wrong investment just because I judged based on my wants and needs.

If you really want to make big money, we have to invest in a place where others find irresistible. You fall in love in the location is not enough, let’s put it to the second priority. The first priority should be everyone falls in love in the location. Remember, it is the “Perfect Location” for everyone but is not just for yourself.


richmond va realtors said...

You have share a good inforamtion and it's true that location is very important in real estate investment because location can increase your real estate property value in future. If your property have a good location than you can sell it on much higher price so try to choose well developed property.

ChampDog said...

Good environment too...

Unknown said...

Real estate property location can help to increase a value of property so choosing a well developed location will must important to get a maximum property value benefits.

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