Wednesday, December 20, 2006

High Risk, High Return, No Homework

Having said that I may a little bit contradict to myself, there might have a case where no homework is required but produce high return and high risk. Yes, the answer the “rich quick scheme”. Especially in the internet, we have all seen the advertisements for get rich quicker or what they like to call achieve financial freedom.

Are they fraud? Yes, most of them but depends on how you look at it. Have you heard about auto-surf? They could be some sort of pyramid scheme. To know about pyramid scheme in detail, check out this link.

The figure above summarizes the pyramid scheme. 88% are loser and 12% are winner. If you can find a way to figure out how you can be the top 12% earlier of the people who join the program, you win the game. That’s why I said it depends on how you look at it whether it is a fraud or not. 88% is your risk here. How do I reduce the risk? Do more homework? Hmm… not really. From my experience no matter how many homework you do, you will end up to reduce the risk by 2%-3% which is 85% changes that you will lose.

Well, what I can do to if I want reduce the risk more? Are you kidding me? You want low risk, high return and no homework? Is that possible? Hahaha... yes, there is such thing but may required some amount of homework. I'm not kidding you. The answer is to set up the pyramid scam website and watch the 88% losers and 12% winners play their game. Use a special formula to determine when is the best time to close your site to get the optimum profits. Then, say Bye Bye.


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