Friday, December 15, 2006

Should I use real estate agent to rent my house?

Using the services of real estate agents can be good or bad. The good is that it will save your much work, time and efforts. They will advertise for you, and try very hard to come up with a deal acceptable to both parties. The bad is that you have to pay them for their service. Even worst, you might run into some dishonest man with the intention is *only* to earn your money rather than just finding a good deal for you.

So, should you use real estate agent? It depends on the demand. In the area of your house, when people want to buy house, what is the majority choice? Go for real estate agent or look at the advertisement (newspaper, notice board and etc.) Don’t know? As a rule of thumb, “very rich” people look for real estate agent. If your area is a “very rich” people area, forgot about doing at your own. Use the real estate agent. If your area is in middle, you can try your luck on both. If your area is for poor people, I suggest you do your own advertisement.


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