Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cut Your Taxes In Half

Sorry if you are looking for something serious, you can ignore this post. This is simply a joke.

I used to complain about my taxes. That is before my accountant,
Ralph Norwood, gave me a surefire way to cut them in half.

Perhaps you can use the same method if you choose.

As usual, at tax time I grumbled about the high amount of money
that I paid each year in taxes.

I wasn't concerned about what my tax dollars paid for. I was
only concerned that state, federal, social security and other
deductions took a huge chunk of my money.

So like the vast majority of us, I complained.

I sat in the chair as the accountant crunched through the
numbers. Grumbling and complaining, I sat.

"I've got a way to instantly cut your taxes in half,"
Mr. Norwood said.

My ears perked up. I was at full attention.

In half! Did he realize how much money that would save me?

Had I missed a deduction?
Did he have a surefire tax shelter?
Was there a legal loophole that I was eligible for?

"How?" I excitedly asked.

"Simple, just cut your salary in half," Norwood answered.

That was over ten years ago, but it taught me a lesson that
I will never forget.

We complain when we are running short and we complain when we
are blessed with much. The key is, there is always something to
complain about and there is always something to be thankful for.

You choose.

Thank goodness I have a high tax bill.



Anonymous said...

do u seriously think that we can escape the fate of being taxed anyway? unless we are from....

ChampDog said...

We can't 100% escape from being taxes but we can minimize the amount of taxes that we need to pay. Anyway, if you're an employee and I don't think you can do much about it. But it is a different story, if you run your own business. A lot of things we can play around to run away from taxes.

I'm curious what you means by "unless we are from". Unless we are from Mars?

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