Monday, April 09, 2007

What Services Are Currently Outsourced in Asia?

If you are an employee, you need to know this especially if you’re from Asia. These are the current trend of outsourcing in Asia. So, you may wonder why I need to know this. Based on the data below, if you work in the IT field, there is 54% your company will outsource your whole IT department (unless your company is the outsourced company by itself). In other words which means you have 54% chances being layoff. You may be facing the most critical financial crisis in your whole life if you’re in this field. You need to feed your kid, your car, your house, your insurance and a lot more. So if you know this is probably going to happen, you can better plan for your defense strategy.

Let’s look at the data below:

  1. IT Solutions – 54%
  2. Accounting, debt collection, and/or tax processing – 35%
  3. Data collection and/or report writing – 26%
  4. Human resources management, including healthcare and benefit processing – 22%
  5. Supply-chain management – 19%
  6. Customer servicing, including after-sales service – 14%
  7. Research & Development – 14%
  8. Risk Management – 10%
  9. Sales and/or marketing – 9%
  10. Strategic planning – 5%
Source: KPGM International/Economist Intelligence Unit Survey – September 2006


Shyam said...

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Shyam V Nath

ChampDog said...

Smart-sourcing sounds good than just out-sourcing. It looks the conference could be something interesting. If I were in US, probably I will consider to attend. However, I don't own a company(at least for now) and I guess it's not meant for me?

Anyway, I do believe outsourcing or maybe you call it smart-sourcing has to be managed correctly. If not, you can hurt the company instead of helping.

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