Saturday, April 28, 2007

Speak to Your Inner Self in a Wrong Way

Speak to your inner self is a very powerful technique but very funny I realize some people use it wrongly. They use it in a wrong way to affect other person’s action with their own thoughts and they end up become very unhappy. For example, you talk to your inner self to insist that “John must be in love with you”. This is a form of manipulation and it is trying to have control over another person’s life which is impossible to most of us unless you’re really powerful as God. You don’t know what another person spiritual lesson is and you don’t have the right to interfere in another’s life process. You certainly wouldn’t want someone else doing it into you.

So, what is the right way? Instead, what you can say is, “My own true love will come to me…” and list the qualities you want in a relationship. That may allow the power within you to bring to you the perfect person to fit that bills who may or may not be “John”.

So, remember that you cannot affect a person’s actions with your thoughts – unless you’re extremely powerful which is unlikely the case. Talk to yourself to be the person that you want to be but not to force the other person to be the person that you expected who they are which is totally out of your control.


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