Monday, April 09, 2007

Fastest Way to Get Rich by SwissCash

You may have heard of swisscash especially if you’re from Singapore or Malaysia which is currently very hot in these 2 countries and perhaps other countries as well. Yes, I’m talking about the website which claims at least 300% (basic investment scheme) return in 15 months. Dear swisshcash investors who really trust this scam website, please wake up! Think of it if the company can make 300% return in 15 months, why they still need you? Wait, they surely make more than 300% because the 300% is what they give you. Wow, this is amazing. Dear swisscash investors who understand the website is the scam, you’re in better shape. You at least know what you are investing for. You just need to make sure that you’re in top 20% of the game, you will the game. See my previous post regarding to the Pyramid Scheme.

They are many ways to get rich and I don’t deny investing in swisscash is one of the ways. Indeed, it is the fastest way that you can find in this world. However, in my personal opinion, the fastest way to get rich is to think of a business idea or invent something that people can benefit from. Perhaps I should say the founder of has done a very good job. Good job, Man! Be someone like him and I guarantee the fastest way to get rich. I tell you, this is not easy. How you do it illegally legal? You need skills, therefore there is no short-cut in this world but a lot of things SEEM to be short-cut but it is not. Nothing in life comes easy but if you really want become rich it will come to you as long as you don't give up. Be consistent and patient also one of keys to succeed.

Finally, if you get rich through success, then it will last, if get rich fast without success then it will be short lived with debt. But who knows? I would be wrong.


Anonymous said...

Let me share my story...
I'm a nobody. After a week of "research" in google using phrases like "scam, swisscash, investment, hyip, ponzi" etc., I learn about 1 thing.
Either I waste my "USD 1,000.00" and weep, or take that "RISK".
If you read the "terms and conditions", before “signing-up”, you will "agree" that, you might not get back your investment and I'm willing to take that RISK.
Maybe, I would not try to "convince" others to join because I not 100% sure about this “scheme” and I would not like to see them “blaming” me for inviting them into this “scheme” when and if it collapse.
Investors can make “tonnes” of money daily and if everyone “knows” how it’s done, everybody can be “millionaires” overnight and would not be “grumpy” waking out of bed early morning everyday, trap in hours of traffic jams, line up at counters for more hours, and repeat that all over again, day in and day out, months, years, and still “wonder” how that “ugly” looking fat dwarf guy can “own and drive” a Mercedes S-Class (Who cares…, it’s his money).
Finally, either I just “stand” and “wait” and “do nothing”… on my point of view “wake up” and look at REALITY that everyday I take even HIGHER RISK of being killed, run down, run over, cheated by some “unknown faces” out there.
For the non-RISK people out there that always “whining” about other people FORTUNES and applauded other people grievances… but love to earn extra income by investing, there are hundreds kinds of Mutual Funds, Federal National Funds like ASB, ASN, ASW (to name a few) etc out there…
Life is not a gamble, but about taking RISK and not feeling sorry for that “stupid” things you have done (although you know it just make any sense) because you know it was a RISK.
My advice is… look for a book title “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki… and you will understand what I’m talking about…
Just my 2 cents…

ChampDog said...

Hi nobody, Thanks for sharing your story. Are you really nobody? I think you are somebody.  Anyway, I totally agree with what you said. You’re right that if you look at this world, whatever you do there is a RISK. You choose company A for your job and your choose University B or you choose investment C. Everything is RISK. The point is you can’t really quantify the RISK. Instead you can only predict or based on your assumption, the decision that you have made is high or low risk.

Yes, the “terms and conditions” has mentioned that and who really go and read it. Probably the “terms and conditions” is the key to make them do something illegal in a legal way. Wow, this is amazing again. I wish I could have a lawyer friends to explain this to me whether this is possible.

As for trying to “Convince” others to join, you’re absolutely right. If we do not do it carefully, we might lose a friend or even family or relatives. So I agree that to refer other to join, those people must understand the risk and there is no 100% guarantee. Sad to say that, I see a lot of promoters of this (e.g. swisscash) say guarantee 100% earning and yet some people really trust them. What’s wrong with them?

Actually I’m not sure if I’m right. I do believe that to be super rich, you have to be in business and do dirty jobs. The reason I’m saying this is because I meet a lot of business man who is pure and clean in heart failed and yet the one who succeed are those who are willing to take risk to violate the law. Maybe I should say again, violating the law in a legal way.  But I do see a lot of good pure clean honest business man succeed too but they are not super rich – just making enough to survive like me.

ChampDog said...

Just check recently, as expected the has been down. That's why I don't link to it originally in the post. I think it has been down for sometimes after the Malaysia Government go against it. I wonder how many of them lost and perhaps win the money.

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