Monday, April 09, 2007

Think Long Term in Your Career

One of the most common mistake most of us made is we never think of long term in our career. What do you want to do in 10 years from now? The basic question yet many people has never asked themselves and some even afraid to ask. Some are pretending do not hear it from their own inner voice. This is very Funny. Human sometimes scare to face the facts.

Many job seekers do not think long term and only think of the immediate job. They feel that if they start their first job in a particular profession, they will have to stay within that field forever even though they may work in different companies. This is what we all called, “Comfort Zone”. Thus, if they start as a trainee programmer, they think they will always stay within the IT profession and that may restrict their personal growth. This is not necessarily true unless they wish to do so by choice.


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